Simple By Simple
Simple By Simple
Meet The Simple Watercolor Box.
Elegant, functional & visually simple.
We began reimagining our expectations from watercolor palette, from a design as much as a functional point of view.
That is why The Simple Watercolor Box is everything you would expect from a watercolor palette and little more.
Light & Durable
Light & Durable
It’s made from durable and lightweight plastic. So empty box is as light as IPhone Plus and will last you for a long time.
Leak proof
Leak proof
We know how many bags were spoiled by watercolor drops. Now not a single drop of paint will ruin your bag. This box keeps all the drops inside.
Elegant & Functional
Elegant & Functional
Often a thing is beautiful, but not convenient, but more often vice versa. So we create it in close cooperation with technicians and designers.

Future plans

In the future we are considering the possibility of producing cases with various prints.


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